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We are proud to announce

ButterfliZ of Iowa

Wholesale Division

A new butterfly and bug novelty outlet to provide you with wonderful and fun butterfly and bug novelties.

We can offer you the following new products:

MAGNETIC BUTTERFLIES:  An exciting and wide range of realistic waterproof Butterfly fridge magnets that come with free double sided sticky pads for use on non-metallic surfaces (Patio doors, Conservatories, Greenhouses, Christmas trees, Bathroom tiles, Windows, Plants, kids room and anywhere for a touch of nature) in a brilliant range of colors and shapes of the most delicate texture but finest durability. So realistic, use them in your garden to attract birds and Butterflies


                                        Price per box                          Retail Price
                          Under 10 boxes       10-100 boxes              per piece
         Small                  $40.00               $31.00                      $0.80
         Small Glister         $48.00               $39.00                      $0.80
         Medium               $55.00               $45.00                      $1.00
         Medium Glister      $66.00               $50.00                      $1.00
         Large                  $76.00               $55.00                      $1.25
         Large Glister         $94.00               $65.00                      $1.50


Kathleen Ziemer
ButterfliZ of Iowa
Des Moines IA 50316

email:  kathleen@butterfliz.com


Email kathleen@butterfliz.com today to find out more information!


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