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2008 Iowa State Fair

Spirit of the Butterfly Exhibit by Monarchs Forever


Some photos by Keri M. Ellingboe


                 Blue Morpho                                       Owl Butterfly


                                    Libbie is butterfly magnet!

                        Children & Butterflies - a Great Combination!




             Crimson Mormon                                                   Idea Butterfly



                Sylvia                                                    Doing what butterflies do!




    Crimson Mormon with Red Body 

                                                                                               Crimson Mormon                                         


                                                Emergence Chamber


                                     Owl Butterflies feeding on bananas


2006 Angel of Hope Memorial Release,

Iowa City, IA




May, 2006 Mercy Hospice Release,

Johnston, Iowa




Fun Pictures in 2006



      Bridal Release Cake                                    2006 Kidsfest Exhibit

                                                                       Des Moines, IA


                                              Hunter finds a Monarch



2004 Des Moines Lawn

and Flower Show                                

Luna Moth   

                                                                                Monarchs Put On a Show

                                                 A little girl's fascination


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