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ButterfliZ of Iowa Iowa began as an idea in the early 1990's, sparked by an exceptional interest in gardening, which grew into a special affection for butterflies and butterfly gardening, then a passion and now a vocation.

We spent several summers volunteering in butterfly garden and prairie restoration projects around Iowa, reading books and magazine articles and researching the Internet about butterflies and their habitat as well as chatting with other butterfly breeders around the world.

ButterfliZ of Iowa became a reality on January 1, 1999. Since then we have continued our learning and developed programs, seminars and workshops to teach others about these wondrous creatures who inhabit part of our world.

Our children’s seminars have been presented throughout schools and libraries in Iowa and the mid-west. Our adult program as well as our habitat program is great fun for all those interested in butterflies and how to garden for them. We are involved in the Vanessa Project and hope to launch that workshop in the spring of 2005.

We have been involved with the University of Kansas Monarch Watch tagging program since 2000 and offer a program each autumn to promote better understanding of the Monarch migration.   Click here to see some photos of the tagging event!

Have you ever wondered?

What's the difference between a butterfly and a moth? Where do butterflies go with it rains? Is the Monarch the only butterfly that migrates? What happens inside a chrysalis? How big to butterflies get? Which one gets the biggest? How long do they live? What butterfly lives the longest?

"Butterflies 101" Live butterflies introduce their world to your children

"Butterflies in Your Backyard" How much do you know or remember about butterflies?

Live butterflie are a part of this program especially designed for older students and adults.  Just what does happen inside a chrysalis?  Ask us!

"How to Build a Backyard Butterfly Habitat"  Learn what it takes to provide these amazing creatures with everything they are looking for.  Plant it right and they will come!

"Monarch Tagging" Our autumn program - what is tagging?  Why do we do it?  What are the benefits?  Let the live monarchs and us give you the answers.

These seminars are educational, hand-on presentations using live butterflies, caterpillars and chrysalis.

ButterfliZ of Iowa is pleased to announce receipt of the Backyard Wildlife Habitat Certificate #29256 from the National Wildlife Federation.


ButterfliZ of Iowa offers for sale Monarchs, Gulf Fritillaries, Mourning Cloaks and Painted Lady butterflies throughout the United States as permitted by the USDA. We also offer a variety of butterfly gifts items, some of which are especially designed for ButterfliZ of Iowa.

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Butterfly Biz brings show to Davenport, Quad City Times, Davenport, Iowa 9-15-02
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ButterfliZ of Iowa Notified of Tagged Monarch Recovery
On February 21, 2002, the University of Kansas Monarch Watch announced a tagged Monarch recovery in El Rosario, MICH, MX. The Monarch was tagged by Doug & Kathleen Ziemer of ButterfliZ of Iowa, Des Moines. The tagging occurred on September 1, 2001 at Fillenwarth Beach Resort, Arnolds Park, Iowa and was recovered January 11, 2002. The male Monarch traveled a distance of 1,663 miles. ButterfliZ of Iowa has been involved with the Monarch Watch Tagging Program for four years and this is the first Monarch tagged by them to be recovered at the over-wintering sites in Mexico.


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